Where Are Hostinger Servers Located? – Detailed Guide

Where Are Hostinger Servers Located?

Wanna know where are hostinger servers located? Read this article furthermore to know in detail.

With over 2 million servers worldwide, Hostinger.com is the largest shared hosting service out there. 

But what makes them different? Well for one thing they have data centers all across Europe and Asia to provide you with fast load speeds no matter where in this vast continent your site resides! 

This means that even if someone visits from India or another faraway land… 

They should be able (and will!) to experience an enjoyable browsing experience as opposed to long wait times due to popular providers who only house their resources within nations close by.

The data centers that Hostinger uses are strategically positioned to deliver an excellent experience for our customers.

For example, if you visit a website from the United States and our server is located in America, then it will load faster than one that has its content hosted overseas like Singapore or London where there might be some additional latency time due to transportation speeds between those countries’ borders but overall this should not pose any problems when browsing with slow connections!

Hostinger Data Center Locations List

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands (NL)
2. Atlanta, United States (US)
3. Brazil (BR)
4. Chicago, United States (US)
5. Dallas, United States (US)
6. Frankfurt, Germany (DE)
7. Hong Kong (HK)
8. Istanbul, Turkey (TR)
9. London, United Kingdom (UK)
10. Los Angeles, United States (US)
11. Miami, United States (US)
12. New York City, United States (US)
13. Paris, France(FR)
14. Prague, Czech Republic(CZ)
15. Reykjavik, Iceland(IS)
16. Russia(RU)
17. Singapore(SG)
18. South Africa(ZA)
19. Spain(ES)
20. Stockholm, Sweden (SE)
21. Taiwan (TW)
22. Warsaw, Poland (PL)

Hostinger has servers located in many different countries around the world. This provides their customers with fast load speeds no matter where they are located. 

Additionally, the data centers are strategically positioned to deliver an excellent experience for their customers. 

For example, if someone visits a website from the United States, the server will load faster than if it was located in a country like Singapore or London

There may be some additional latency time due to transportation speeds between those countries’ borders, but overall this should not pose any problems when browsing with slow connections.

Where Are Hostinger Servers Located?

Hostinger Country Domains

Hostinger offers a wide range of country domains to their customers. This provides them with the ability to reach a global audience with their website. 

Additionally, it gives their customers the ability to choose a domain that is relevant to their country of origin

This makes it easier for customers to find their website and also makes it more likely that they will visit it.

Some of the most popular country domains that Hostinger offers are .us (United States), .uk (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .au (Australia), and .nz (New Zealand). They also offer domains for other countries just like in the following list-

.us – United States

.uk – United Kingdom

.ca – Canada

.au – Australia

.nz – New Zealand

.de – Germany

.nl – Netherlands

.fr – France

.es – Spain

.pt – Portugal

.br – Brazil

.it – Italy

.se – Sweden

.pl – Poland

.ch – Switzerland

.at – Austria

.be – Belgium

.ie – Ireland

.ee – Estonia

.fi – Finland

.lv – Latvia

.lt – Lithuania

.cz – Czech Republic

.hu – Hungary

.ro – Romania

.sk – Slovakia

.si – Slovenia

.dk – Denmark

.no – Norway

.mx – Mexico

Features of Data Center

Hostinger has several data centers worldwide, and each one is carefully chosen for its location as well as what features it offers. 

For example, proximity to major airports means quick access in case something goes wrong at your site or another business needs help with their network; while having multiple routes into town helps avoid traffic jams that can slow down delivery times!

With this information, you should be able to select the right hosterring estate based both on where they’re located AND how much downtime would cause problems with customer service outcomes.

Regular Backups And Integrity

Hostinger provides the most fail-proof servers around! They have RAID 10 protection which is also known as “RAID” for short – this means that if anything goes wrong with your internet connection or computer system, you’re still good to go.

This makes them stand out from other providers who might not be so reliable when things get tough.

Hostinger takes daily or weekly backups depending on your plan. So, you can be sure that all of the data from your website will stay safe with them! 

Most companies provide some kind of disaster recovery service but Hostingers goes one step ahead by using real humans for this task instead – ensuring there is no chance of losing any important information during an accident like fire damage during office hours etc.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are a reality in today’s world. You might have seen websites crashing due to these kinds of assaults but don’t worry Hostinger has got your back! 

With their service, they protect against all types so you won’t need any other app or plugin for that purpose because it will be taken care of by default within the network bandwidths provided from data centers around the globe.

The firewall of this server is so strong that it can catch any type of hacker. It has a Wanguard anti-DDoS traffic analyzer to analyze the requests before they even reach your computer or network! 

The Cloudflare filtering service further cleanses what might have been scanned with Imunify360 which specializes in web application security policies that prevent attacks from occurring on websites you visit online – free for everyone who signs up at bit ninja dot com


This is the best hosting for WordPress because of its lightning-fast speed. The average response time from this host to your site visitors will be around 143ms which means that they should never experience any lag or downtime on their page when using it! 

Plus, with server-level caching enabled you’re able to handle 3x more requests in 1 second – meaning there’s no chance whatsoever these websites go down during peak hours due to too high traffic volumes like many other hosts do (especially those who don’t implement optimizations).

Disaster Protection

Hostinger’s disaster protection makes sure your server is restored in case of any natural calamities. If you want peace of mind that nothing will ruin it, then this company should be at the top of your list!

Other Features

Hostinger has a global data center with multi-level server caching, and daily and weekly backups

It also provides DDoS protection to protect its customers from any disasters that might happen in the data center such as natural ones or manmade ones like an earthquake strike on one side of it which can damage hardware there causing outages throughout all parts being protected by this service

In addition, they offer disaster recovery plans so you won’t lose your website during these times if something ever fell.

The most powerful, secure, and reliable solution on the market today is Now insolated hosting. 

With Hostinger’s Live container isolation technology you can have peace of mind that your data will always stay protected with Watformer protection against DDoS attacks or any other kind of 32-bit exploit.

How To Choose Hostinger Data Centers Location?

Hostinger has data centers all around the globe. Here is how you can choose the best one for your needs:

  • If you want the fastest speeds, then select the “USA” or “Europe” option.
  • If you want more reliable connections, then go for the “Asia” or “Australia” option.
  • If you want to be closer to your customers, then pick the location that is closest to them.
  • If you want to save on costs, then choose the “South America” or “Africa” option.
Where are Hostinger Servers Located

Choosing The Right Server Location on Hostinger

Websites that deal with heavy traffic often see improved performance when they select a nearby server location. 

If you have questions about which region would be best for your site, it’s worth analyzing the numbers and weighing all of our options before making any final decisions.

One common misconception is thinking choosing US-based hosting will give maximum speed, but this isn’t always true because there can still be some SLOW moments even though we’re close to home!

You know your website visitors’ location, so it makes sense for you to choose a server closest to them. 

If most of their traffic comes from one country like the US or UK, then use an American hosting company that offers better speeds and more reliable service than others in those regions because they will have less congestion on bandwidths dueling each other across international borders!

But what if there are mixed reviews? 

Well – this may be difficult but we can analyze our analytics data which should give us enough information about where people come into contact with our site before making any decisions regarding web host providers (and future ones).

To ensure that your website is always available, you need to take into account the location of visitors. 

If they are browsing from different areas and have an effect on performance or availability then it would be best not just for them but also for other users who may try accessing content during this period when things go wrong due to possibly high traffic volume which might cause chaos among those trying (and likely failing) at getting through alive! 

So what should we do? 

Well, there are 2 solutions: either move servers closer/deeper in our network – meaning better connectivity all-round plus less load onto single points such as web Servers.

Alternative To Data Center Location

You can use a CDN like Cloudflare to serve your website from various locations apart from the data center. This ensures that visitors can load content as quickly on their devices, regardless of where they’re accessing it!

Let’s say you have one data center located in America while another is overseas (for example Singapore). 

If somebody visits our site using these servers we’ll still be delivering most pages slower than if those users were getting them through Cloudflare’s network because now all requests must travel across 4 different networks before reaching.

Cloudflare’s free account provides more than 100 countries in which you can cache your website. The provider tries to serve content from the nearest possible location and Hostinger has easy integration with Cloudflare too!

Cloudflare is a great tool to use if you want your website loaded quickly. When people visit from Singapore, Cloudflare will serve them the content of their choice and save it on our servers in countries like India or America so they don’t have to wait for it locally! 

You can also easily speed up loading times by this – plus with an extra layer of security comes peace of mind as well since we’re protecting against hacks too!

Should You Go With Hostinger?

Hostinger is a great choice for hosting your website. The company offers various features that are important for a website, such as:

  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 support
  • Cheap plans

Apart from the great features, Hostinger has servers located all over the world. This means that you can choose a server location that is close to your visitors, which will improve the speed of your website.

If you’re looking for a reliable and cheap web hosting provider, then Hostinger is a great option!

Final Verdict

Hostinger has 7 data centers across the world, but you can extend its service by using Cloud Delivery Network (CDN)

It’s important to know which location works best for your needs because once signed up it will be difficult if not impossible to change servers again in the future. 

We recommend checking our Choosing The Right Server Location section again before making any final decisions so that way there are no surprises!

We’re always here for you! If there’s anything else on your mind, feel free to comment below or ask us directly via our Live Support system. We’ll get back soon with an answer as soon as possible.


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